A Leader in Safety.

Education and personal responsibility are cornerstones of Sunrise Coal’s safety program. We place a top priority on training, to ensure our miners take personal responsibility for safety, compliance and production.

Safety: Each Sunrise miner takes personal responsibility for their personal safety and the safety of their fellow miners.

Compliance: Each miner takes personal responsibility to comply with federal and state laws.

Production: Each miner takes personal responsibility in production. Our miners are proud to produce a high quality, low-cost product that supplies affordable electricity to power our economy.

Sunrise Coal continues to rank above national averages, leading our district for numerous safety categories:

  • 75% Better than national industry average on S&S Citation Rate
  • 50% Better than industry average on injury severity
  • 61% Better than industry average violations per inspection day (Data based on monthly mine safety reporting 2021)

National Recognition

Sunrise Coal’s safety team has been consistently recognized by peers for its commitment to safety:

  • Nationwide Skills Championship Content winners in 2016
  • Indiana Mine Rescue Contest winners and governor’s award recipients in 2017
  • Fire Fighting Skills first place winners from the Kentucky Coal Academy in 2018
  • Indiana Mine Rescue Contest and governor’s award in 2018
  • Second place in the nation in the National Mine Rescue Competition in 2019
  • 2019 the MCC Skills we were first in Mine Rescue and 1st First Aid and were 2nd overall competition
  • Smoke Eaters, a bench contest, placing 1st and 3rd overall
  • WKMI 1st in mine rescue and 1st in bench
  • Indiana State contest 2nd overall and 1st and 2nd in the bench contest
  • In 2019 the Mine Rescue Team finished 2nd in the Nation at the National Mine Rescue Competition in Lexington Ky.