Hallador Renewables

Hallador is Spanish for finder, thus our company is appropriately named as our passions is the relentless pursuit of finding solutions for our customers. Today, we are expanding our product offering to include renewable energy.

With today’s heightened focus on decarbonization, utilities are constantly evaluating the makeup of their generation. Thus, during these times of rapid change we are seeing coal plant retirement dates being both accelerated, for environmental reasons, and delayed, over grid stability concerns. Hallador is now uniquely situated to support our customers through coal supply to existing plants while also offering a platform to help customers transition to solar and batteries at the time of their choosing. This flexibility we can now offer is good for our customers, employees and our shareholders.

Hallador is currently working to develop up to 1 Gigawatt (GW) of renewable energy through a joint venture with Hoosier Energy Cooperative to replace Hoosier’s Merom Coal Generation Station. As part of the transaction, in 2025, Hallador will develop and sell to Hoosier 200MW of energy from solar and battery storage. Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) with Hoosier will act as the anchor tenant in replacing 1,000 MW (1GW) of Merom Generation which is expected to retire in May 2023.