Hallador Power Company

Hallador Energy believes a strong America requires a reliable energy grid and, as such, Hallador Power Company LLC provides power when our country needs it the most.

The International Energy Agency projects demand for electric power will continue to grow and create a greater need for dispatchable power. Hallador Power’s Merom Generating Station (formerly the Hoosier Energy Merom Generating Station) is a 2-Unit, 1080-MW rated coal-fired power plant located in Sullivan County, Indiana. The plant has been in operation since 1982 and has played a vital role in power generation to help meet grid demand in the Midwest.

Hallador Power’s Merom Generating Station will provide dispatchable power to Hoosier Energy customers and the power grid in the coming years.

Power generating is a natural next step for our evolving company. We can serve local markets and the larger electrical grid by bringing low-cost coal to an existing power generating station, thereby ensuring that America’s grid remains reliable as our country moves towards deploying renewable energy solutions. Hallador Power is the pragmatic approach to that transition. We are working toward a future where the energy grid is diverse, but we need a reliable grid to get us there. Hallador Energy believes that there is no one solution to our energy needs but takes a practical, reliable approach to ensure America’s economy is plugged in and working at full power.